L. Baliukevičius - The diary of a partisan

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The diary of a partisan : a year in the life of the postwar Lithuanian resistance fighter Dzūkas / Lionginas Baliukevičius, Vilnius, 2008 m. 181 p.

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During some 40 years, the diary of partisan Lionginas Baliukevičius (1925–1950) was kept in the KGB archives in Vilnius. It shows the personality of an idealist. His views, longings and aspirations are shown against the background of bitter fighting. Having accurately pointed out the causes which brought Lithuania to its knees in 1940 and the first Soviet occupation, Baliukevičius analysed the political, national and moral issues of the post-WWII era and wrote about problems and everyday lives of the anti-Soviet partisans.