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J.K. Valiunas - Serving Lithuania, NY, 1988 m.

J.K. Valiunas - Serving Lithuania, NY, 1988 m.

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Serving Lithuania by J.K.Valiunas. (1988.) Valiunas Publishing LTD, Southhampton, NY, U.S.A. 288 pages.

būklė: l. gera, bibliotekos nurašyta knyga

In Lithuania alone, 30,000 freedom fighters were killed by KGB troops between 1944 and 1953. From 1940 on, the Soviets and Nazis have killed in one way or another, one million Lithuanians - almost third of population. I cannot imagine what would happen if such percentage of the populiation would be eliminated in the United States. J.K.Valiukas 

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