Tiffany Dufu - Drop The Ball

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Drop The Ball. Expect Less from Yourself and Flourish in Work & Life / Tiffany Dufu; Penguin life, 2017; condition: great

An inspirational and insightful guide for women who want to achieve more by doing less.

For women, a glass ceiling at work is not the only barrier to success - it's also the increasingly heavy obligations at home that weigh them down. Women have become accustomed to delegating, advocating and negotiating for themselves at the office, but when it comes to managing households, they still bear the brunt on their own shoulders. A simple solution is staring them in the face: negotiate with the men in their personal lives.

In Drop The Ball, Tiffany Dufu gives practical advice on how women can create all-in domestic partnerships - accepting help from others, making time for yourself, and breaking free of guilt - that protect them against professional burn-out.