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Magazine of the Lithuanian Writers' Union: Editor Antanas Danielius Executive Editor Romas Daugirdas Consulting Editor Joseph Everatt Editor-in-Chief Evaldas Matviekas. Vilnius, 2002. Paperback, 208 p., Condition: great

Apart from the usual articles on the arts and history, and as well as a wider than in similar editions coverage of cultural events, it may be interesting to get acquainted with literary works of modern Lithuanian writers which remain among the masterpieces of Lithuanian literature.


V. Sventickas - Take me and read

R. Granauskas - Red on white

J. Vaičiūnaitė. Poems

S. T. Kondrotas - The red fox. The collector

V. Bložė. Poems

Seamus Heaney in Vilnius

T. Maceinienė - Transcendence in existence

A. Maceina - Job's drama

S. Geda. Poems

G. Beresnevičius - In the system of variable coordinates: A seriously ironix excursus

V. Berenis - The discipline of culture and Lithuanian humanitarians

R. Jurėnaitė - Romantic abstraction

R Gaidamavičiūtė - Vidmntas Bartulis' universal prayer

L. Paulauskis - My favourite composer

T. Sakalauskas - The theatre of Miltinis

S. Macaitis - Standing at a crossroads: Which way will the documentary turn?

Č. Laurinavičius - The experience of the relationship between Lithuania and Russia: How to overcome a geopolitical dilemma

Zita Baranauskaitė talks to the mountaineer Vladas Vitkauskas. Faith is the core of everything.

A. Jonikaitė - About Books from Lithuania

J. Everatt - With the grain

New books

Cultural events