S. Kudirka & L. Eichel - For those still at sea (su autografu)

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Kudirka, Simas, and Larry Eichel. For Those Still at Sea: The Defection of a Lithuanian Sailor. New York: The Dial Press, 1978. Hard Cover. Photographs. 226 p. būklė: l. gera, su autoriaus dedikacija; condition: very good, with authors signing

After nearly a decade, the events of 23 November 1970, and their aftermath are still a source of embarrassment to the humanitarians of the world. For Those Still at Sea could not have come at a more opportune time, for its very title reminds us that even at this moment thousands of Asian refugees have taken to the oceans in search of asylum in the democracies of the world. Yes, the wrongs that were perpetrated upon the Lithuanian sailor Simas Kudirka have been rectified to some degree. But the central questions implicit in Kudirka's and Eichel's book are: "— What about the thousands, perhaps millions, of other wrongs that are still crying out to be atoned for? And what is our individual repsonsibility in seeing that 'those still at sea' are brought to a safe haven?" The compelling account of Kudirka's struggle for freedom is more than an adventure story; more than a tale of political maneuvering; more than just another expose of bureaucratic blundering. Kudirka and Eichel succeed at rekindling the shame that every freedom-loving American must have felt on that infamous day of nine years ago. They succeed at arousing the reader's social conscience, which might have lain dormant for some time.