Perfection of Exile: Fourteen Contemporary Lithuanian Writers

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Perfection of exile : fourteen contemporary Lithuanian writers / by Rimvydas Šilbajoris ; Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 1970; 322 p.; condition: very good

The opening chapter of this book gives a brief account of Lithuanian literature from the eighteenth century to the present; writers who, at the present time, live in Lithuania are omitted and some of the authors dwelling in the West are mentioned only in this chapter. The other fourteen chapters study fourteen Lithuanian writers active in the West; two of them died prematurely in automobile accidents, one died a natural death in 1970, and the other eleven are still alive. Eight of the authors (Henrikas Radauskas, Jonas Aistis, Alfonsas Nyka-Nyliūnas, Algimantas Mackus, Henrikas Nagys, Kazys Bradūnas, Jonas Mekas, Bernardas Brazdžionis) write verse; four (Antanas Vaičiulaitis, Antanas Škėma, Albinas Marius Katiliškis, Aloyzas Baronas) write narrative prose; one (Kostas Ostrauskas) writes plays, and one (Algirdas Landsbergis) began by writing narrative prose but has subsequently preferred to write plays. Each of the fourteen studies is preceded by a short sketch of the writer's life. Photographs of the fourteen writers are provided.