Making It All Right: Modern English Short Stories

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Making It All Right: Modern English Short Stories, hardcover, 455 pages, condition very good

Stan Barstow "The Search for Tommy Flynn"
Herbert Ernest Bates "How Vainly Men Themselves Amaze"
Joyce Cary "Period Piece"
Sid Chaplin "The Thin Seam"
Agatha Christie "The Nemean Lion"
John Collier "Back for Christmas"
Lawrence Durrell "The Little Affair in Paris"
David Garnett "Letting Down the Side"
Brian Glanville "The Thing He Loves"
Leslie Poles Hartley "W.S."
Susan Hill "A Bit of Singing and Dancing"
Francis King "Making It All Right"
Doris Lessing "England Versus England"
W. Somerset Maugham "The Force of Circumstance"
Victor Sawdon Pritchett "The Sailor"
William Sansom "The Vertical Ladder"
Muriel Spark "Curtain Blown by the Breeze"
William Trevor "The Day We Got Drunk on Cake"
John Wain "The Life Guard"
Angus Wilson "A Bit Off the Map"