Jules Verne - Around the World in Eighty Days, 5 Weeks in a Balloon

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Around the World in Eighty Days / 5 Weeks in a Balloon - Jules Verne, 354 pages, condition - very good

Around the World in 80 Days — The eccentric English gentleman Phileas Fogg accepts a challenge to circle the globe in no more than 80 days — an incredible feat for the Victorian age. Exotic locales, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and comic relief provide a fantastic blend of adventure, entertainment, and suspense.

5 Weeks in a Balloon -Dr. Samuel Ferguson and his two associates (Dick Kennedy and Joe) venture to Zanzibar in Africa. It is Ferguson's intention to explore the part of Africa that the Barth and Burton and Speke expeditions were not able to reach. The method by which he will try to accomplish this task is unique, by using a balloon called the "Victoria".