Jonas Mekas - Conversations, Letters, Notes, Misc. Pieces etc.

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Jonas Mekas : Conversations, Letters, Notes, Misc. Pieces etc. Vilnius : Lithuanian Art Museum, 2005 m. 263 p. būklė : puiki, anglų kalba

This edition was initially published for the Lithuanian Pavilion of the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005 and is a project of Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius.

Filmmaker, artist, writer, critic and curator Jonas Mekas, a driving force behind American independent cinema and the founder and artistic director of Anthology Film Archives, is presented in an extensive exhibition consisting of video installations and film screenings. 

The exhibition, called Celebration of the Small and Personal in the Time of Bigness, reflects Jonas Mekas’ philosophy, with particular focus on his ideas of subjectivity.

 "In this exhibition, as in my work in general, I am concerned with the discovery and celebration of small, insignificant, personal moments of our life, my life, life of my family, my close friends; joys, celebrations, being together, small daily events, feelings, emotions, friendships."