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J. Pašilaitis - Hearken then judge, 1947, Stuttgart

J. Pašilaitis - Hearken then judge, 1947, Stuttgart

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sidelights on Lithuanian DPs, Tübingen : Patria, Kazio Varnelio viršelis, 1947, 47 p., kalba: anglų,

condition: very good 

The booklet contains black and white photographs and text relating to Lithuanian displaced persons living in Germany. Following a brief period of independence, Lithuania was then occupied by both the Soviet Union and Germany during World War II, resulting in mass deportations and executions under both occupying powers. Soviet rule was reestablished in Lithuania again from 1944 and many Lithuanian displaced persons feared what might await them if they returned.  This booklet tells the story of post-war migration encouraged by economic and political conditions.

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