I, Maya Plisetskaya

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I, Maya Plisetskaya / Maya Plisetskaya; 2001; Hardcover; Condition: very good

Maya Plisetskaya, one of the world s foremost dancers, rose to become a prima ballerina of Moscow s Bolshoi Ballet after an early life filled with tragedy and loss. In this spirited memoir, Plisetskaya reflects on her personal and professional odyssey, presenting a unique view of the life of a Soviet artist during the troubled period from the late 1930s to the 1990s. Plisetskaya recounts the execution of her father in the Great Terror and her mother s exile to the Gulag. She describes her admission to the Bolshoi in 1943, the roles she performed there, and the endless petty harassments she endured, from both envious colleagues and Party officials.