From Buddha to Bono: Seeking sustainability

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From Buddha to Bono: Seeking sustainability by Professor Tor Hundloe; 2008, Jojo publishing, condition: very good

In 'From Buddha to Bono: Seeking Sustainability', Tor Hundloe pieces together the environmental and ethical history of Planet Earth. He traces the development of the three key disciplines underpinning modern environmental decision-making, otherwise known as sustainability science: ecology, economics and ethics. The book illustrates how these disciplines, singularly and in concert, will need to be applied in the 21st century if true sustainability is to be achieved. It also explores the ideas of the great thinkers, philosophers and activists who have helped put sustainability on the cultural and political map. At the core of Tor Hundloe’s argument is the need to eventually reduce the world’s population, a notion at odds with the Church and conservative economists.