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Ethnic Jewellery from Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands

Ethnic Jewellery from Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands

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The Pepin Press, 2008, 255 p. 

Condition: very good 

The Van der Star collection of ethnic jewellery is unique, both in size and quality, bringing together masterpieces from Africa, the Arab World, India, Central and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Each of these areas has their own specific designs, and their own specific uses and symbolism attached to jewellery. Materials used include gold, silver and many types of gemstones, but also archaic materials such as leather, coral, beads, bone, teeth, and shells. In this lavishly illustrated book, more than 500 magnificent pieces are presented in color, together with detailed descriptions. Authoritative texts are included about jewellery making, and the history, uses, and designs from the various areas. These chapters are further illustrated with historical and contemporary photographs of jewellery being worn.

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