Die Mauer ist weg!

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Vienas įdomesnių mūsų turimų albumų apie neseną nutikimą, dėl savo šviežumo ir artumo spinduliuojantį ne vien istorinio įvykio aurą, bet ir ypač mūsų branginamą laisvės jausmą. Ši knyga, telkdamasi dokumentines nuotraukas, tęsia iš aktualumo niekaip neiškrentančius individo, visuomenės ir valdžios tarpusavio įtampos svarstymus.


By a series of fortunate events, Mark Power was present at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. 

To mark the 25th anniversary, this new production (self-published under his new imprint, Globtik Books) is bound as a pastiche of a newspaper Power purchased in Berlin the morning after, embossed into heavy-duty cardboard.
While the early pages read as news-based photojournalism, as the book unfolds Power retreats away from the epicentre of the event to re-camp over the border in an almost desolate East Berlin. From there he views the story from another perspective, before embarking on a (frankly rather pointless) search for Bertolt Brecht’s grave. 
The book is both a record of a major 20th century news event and a piece of critical soul-searching about the lessons learnt from the experience as, in the accompanying essay, Power recounts his fascinating tale of chance and choice.