Boys: Sexual Abuse and Treatment

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Boys: Sexual Abuse and Treatment / Anders Nyman ; Borje Svensson ; Radda Barnen ; 1997; condition: great

Psychotherapeutic work with sexually abused boys is a relatively new field of endeavour. The authors of this book discuss therapy, effects of therapy, the relationship between trauma and symptoms, which clients run the risk of abusing again, and prevention and its effects. Looking in considerable detail at cases where boys have been victims of sexual abuse - by their fathers, mothers, siblings, neighbours and strangers, and also by people whose profession involves taking care of children - the authors look at the many questions that arise around the topic of sexual abuse, particularly in so far as there are fears and anxieties specific to boys. They show what can be done to help these boys, and provide new insight into the state of mind of boys who have been abused. The book provides not only suggestions for treatment, but also a framework for understanding the issues involved, based on five years' clinical work in the R"dda Barnen specialist clinic.