Antanas Vaičiulaitis - Noon at a Country Inn, 1965, NY

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Manyland books, 1965, NY, kalba: anglų, būklė: puiki

Educator, diplomat, and writer, Vaiciulaitis stands among the best Lithuanian prose stylists. He is able to register barely perceptible nuances of feeling and to control complex, brooding mental processes in language that is lucid, elegant, and deceptively simple. A gentle lyrical touch, an eye for miniature patterns in nature and in human experience, are blended with a quiet, refined sense of irony and humor. His main novel, Valentina (1936), portrays the unfulfilled love of two fragile souls under a dreamy summer sky filled with dark forebodings. Noon at a Country Inn contains a number of Vaiciulaitis's best stories, in which human foibles are depicted with loving wit and human tragedy with restrained candor.