Antanas Baranauskas - The Forest Of Anykščiai, 1970

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The forest of Anykščiai - Anykščių šilelis : the original Lithuanian text with English translation / Antanas Baranauskas ; Baltimore : Lithuanian Days, 1970, second edition, m. 41 p.
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"The forest of Anykščiai" is the first romantic poem in Lithuanian literature in which images of the forest and the tree upspring to the romantic symbol of living free. The forest of Anykščiai of A. Baranauskas, being eternal and indestructible, growing again after having been hewn out and sold, "blessing the hand that invented axe", and reviving in the songs of poets, becomes a metaphor of unconquered and invincible Motherland. For the first time in Lithuanian literature A. Baranauskas praised emotional attitude of country people who preserved their native language. These are the first allusions in Lithuanian poetry to the spiritual wealth, creative potential, and moral values of country people.