Orhan Pamuk - Istanbul: Memories and the City

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Orhan Pamuk - Istanbul: Memories and the City, paperback,  384 p. New York; Vintage Books, 2006m. Condition: good.

Imagine that old, old city, full of stories after centuries of human interaction, of cultural clashes and exchanges, of architectural wonders and wars of destruction.

And then imagine one of its most talented writers, a storyteller with the power of 1001 nights, telling the story of the city from his personal angle, sharing his historical knowledge, his family history, and personal relationships, both fictional and real.

Imagine walking the streets and recognising each cobblestone Pamuk mentions.

Imagine going to the markets and taking in the colours and flavours of the spices that he describes, hearing the voices of the lively sellers and buyers, engaged in an everyday dialogue that you might not understand, but feel close to all of a sudden, as you have the voice of Pamuk in your head.