V. Ramonas - Crosses

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Ramonas, V. Crosses. Los Angeles : Lithuanian Days Publ., 1954.
condition: very good

We feel that it is necessary, because the advent of Crosses in English literature is an important event, to break a recently set precedent in this column, of reviewing several books, and to devote our entire space to this one work.

Characters clash and tangle, like pebbles shaken in a box. They bruise each other, they caress, they flee, they kill. There is love and hatred, fear and courage, honesty and deceit. Pride and lust bring death. A search for power and independence pulls down into terrible rubble, a structure of society that has stood for centuries. Revenge ends in sorrow and hopelessness. Darkness rolls over the land.

This is the picture of the human existence we find in Crosses. It is a picture of doom.